Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you probably have a lot of questions for us. If this is your first time creating a website, or you are interested in digital marketing, then this is the area for you.

Web Design + Development

This is of course one of the first things business owners want to know. The cost of a website largely depends on the functionality required for your business and marketing plan.

The complexity of the design you want also contributes to the overall cost. At vivCreate, we begin by brainstorming with you to develop an optimized plan for your site. Then we'll provide you with a custom quote.

WordPress is flexible enough to create virtually any type of website.  It is a very popular platform and and has a large online knowledge base.

While WordPress is the ideal platform for many businesses we work with, there are a number of other options available like Shopify, Drupal, Webflow, and many more.

Yes, we offer managed hosting services so that businesses we work with never have to worry about maintenance and technical issues.

Simple websites can be completed within a few days as long as information needed to complete the site is provided by you.

Large and more complicated websites can take weeks depending on the scope of the project and marketing plan.

At vivCreate, we understand that many people require easy to use solutions that allow changes to be made to the site without requiring complex technical knowledge.

Our team will help you choose the most appropriate software solutions that work the easiest with your team.

If you already have a website you are satisfied with in general, our digital marketing experts can come in and fine tune your SEO, sales funnel, and content strategy.

We are able to work within any existing system, no matter what method was used to develop it.

Hosting costs vary depending on whether it is shared or private and the power of the server. If you do choose to use our servers then we would include hosting costs in our quote after determining the website requirements.

Digital Marketing

Absolutely! Traditional marketing methods should still be a part of your overall strategy, but it is 2023 and digital marketing is a necessity for today's successful business.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it is the art of getting your website content to rank as high as possible on the first page of search engine results.

Search engines like Google and Bing use complex algorithms to determine search result rankings, and SEO professionals do their best to put your website at the top of the most number of searches.

Yes, our social media managers are capable of working with any platform, and will tailor a strategy unique to your business and industry.

At vivCreate, we offer the full spectrum of email marketing services from custom auto-reply emails, newsletters, drip campaigns, marketing emails, and more.

Yes, we have in-house Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign managers who specialize in Google Ads and other popular PPC platforms.

We typically recommend being active on as many popular social platforms as you can afford to be on. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most common 3, but Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, and other social platforms can be just as helpful.

The short answer is yes. Blogs are a vital aspect of your content distribution, and as the old saying goes, "content is king".

A blog can be made to fit any type of business, even if the topics aren't immediately obvious to you.

One of the main things to be aware of with blogs, however, is the necessity of good SEO practices to back up the quality writing. Without implementing SEO best practices, even the best article on the internet has almost no chance of ranking for competitive keywords.